Written Words

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16-17 HCSB Written words are amazing things and can be very powerful. All you are looking at right now is a series of pixels on a screen. These pixels are organized into understandable shapes that form letters. Even more interesting is that these shapes are in a very specific order. These once autonomous shapes form words or symbols that represent something. Finally, these words are placed into sentences that form thoughts and communicate ideas. Amazing isn’t it? These symbols have been organized in a specific way to articulate a particular message. Have you ever stopped and pondered why God has used written words to reveal Himself? It is astounding to think that God compiled letters, words, and sentences to communicate to us. He boldly walked onto the stage of
history and allowed people to write stories and events. God revealed himself in letters, words, and sentences that we can now read. It is simply amazing! Was God’s goal to merely to communicate to us? Communication was certainly part of His plan… But God had much more in mind when Moses dipped that first quill into ink… God desired to reveal Himself through Scripture so that those reading it would be transformed through encountering Him in the pages of Scripture. Scripture is more about transformation than it is about information. In these two verses we find Paul describing various ways God uses the Scriptures to bring about transformation. However, these functions hinge on Timothy understanding that all Scripture is God-breathed. It is only when one believes that Scripture is God-breathed that one can truly feel the weight of the words on its pages. This weightiness comes from something much deeper than letters, words, and sentences no matter how profound they
seem… this weight comes from the glory of God that has been packed into each letter. Words are truly amazing. However, the function and weightiness of a word is directly connected with its source. Paul helped Timothy see the source of the Scriptures. These are not merely ink strokes, letters, words, and sentences. These are the Words of the Infinitely Holy God that breathed all into existence! These Words are more than merely words… They are the glory of God that transforms people’s lives.
Challenge: May we always be filled with wonder that God chose to write the Word to us and for us. Feel the power of God’s Glory saturating every letter in His Book… For it is in this that we can allow His Word to have the authority it was always meant to have in our lives.
Note: This devotional was graciously written by guest writer Jonathan Moore, son of Ron Moore. Ron’s mother has been in the hospital this week but she is doing much better now. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

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