Are You a Good Employee?

Slaves are to be submissive to their masters in everything, and to be well-pleasing, not talking back or stealing, but demonstrating utter faithfulness, so that they may adorn the teaching of God our Savior in everything. Titus 2:9-10 HCSB

Statistic Brain reports that annually employees steal over 50 billion dollars from United States businesses. Seventy-five percent of employees have stolen at least once from their employers. Employee theft causes more shrinkage of inventory than shoplifting. Thirty-three percent of all business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft. What has happened to working for an honest day’s wage? These figures are staggering.

Slavery was very common in Paul’s day and a natural part of society. Paul was not condoning slavery but was addressing how slaves should act toward their masters. Some slaves were believers. All believers, slave and free, were to be good employees and honest in all of their dealings with their masters or employers.

Challenge: Employers should be loving and responsible in their conduct toward employees, while employees should always do their best work and be trustworthy. Treat your employer with respect and honor. Is your employer pleased with your behavior? Does your behavior at work honor Christ and set a good example for others?

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