Coating the Truth with Lies

But you coat the truth with lies, you are all worthless doctors. Job 13:4 HCSB

It is easy to judge and condemn others because they are not like us; they may be from a different socioeconomic class, have a different skin color, live on the other side of town, or have a tattoo. The list is endless of the many prejudices people have. Often we tend to judge and condemn people because of their past or present life circumstances. Perhaps they were addicted to drugs or alcohol or have been through a divorce or just do not seem like the church-going type. Too often we judge and condemn people by appearances or station in life.

In this verse, Job is telling his three friends that they are no better than a doctor who does not know what he is doing. Many of their thoughts and ideas about God were correct but they were incorrectly applied to Job’s life. The three friends had come to help Job, but actually accused him of being a sinner who needed to repent and turn to God. Job’s friends were telling the truth about God but they had a superior attitude and were quick to condemn Job for his sins, even though they had no direct knowledge that Job had done anything sinful.

Challenge: Be careful and compassionate when applying Biblical condemnation to others. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Know that God loves you and has forgiven you. You should do the same with others.

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