God is the Author of Wisdom

He considered wisdom and evaluated it. He established it and examined it. Job 28:27 HCSB

I am a detail person and like for things to be in order. Part of my job is administration, so I am always looking at details: Are there any lights that are burned out? Does a room need to be painted? Does the floor need to be cleaned and waxed? Is the contract accurate? Is the bill correct? I want to make wise decisions and make sure all the bases are covered.

God is also concerned about details. From the beginning of time He evaluated wisdom, examined it, and then established it as a trait worthy of pursuit. God is a sovereign God and has all wisdom. He knows what is best in every situation. Sometimes we do not understand His ways because we do not have His wisdom.

Challenge: You can trust God in every situation because He has true wisdom and knows what is best for you. Read Proverbs 8 which addresses wisdom and teaches that wisdom has been established ever since the beginning of time.

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