Give An Account

If I have dismissed the case of my male or female servants when they made a complaint against me, what could I do when God stands up to judge? How should I answer Him when he calls me to account? Job 31:13-14 HCSB

As church business administrator, it is my responsibility to provide a financial report to the church each month which lists all of the income and all of the expenses incurred during the month. I am required to give a monthly account of how the income has been spent and how the church is doing financially.

In these verses Job explains that he will give an account to God for how he has acted and how he has treated his servants. The Bible teaches and foretells that someday we all will give an account of how we have lived our lives. We will be held responsible for how we have treated others and how we have used the talents and resources God has given to us.

Challenge: Someday you will stand before God and give an account of your life. How have you treated others? Show the love and compassion of Jesus to everyone you encounter.

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