We Hate Discipline

A person may be disciplined on his bed with pain and constant distress in his bones, so that he detests bread, and his soul despises his favorite food. His flesh wastes away to nothing, and his unseen bones stick out. Job 33:19-21 HCSB

I enjoyed playing on the golf team for my college. It required me to be disciplined enough to regularly practice and play. Professional golfer Jason Day says, “Listening, Goal Setting, Hard Work, and Discipline are the keys to Success”. A professional golfer will usually practice six hours per day six days a week when they are not playing in a tournament. I don’t practice and seldom do I get to play golf, so I no longer play as well as I once did in college.

Elihu pleaded with Job to see that the events in his life were a result of God’s discipline. The negative experience of discipline is used with children and even adults to help a person choose the right way. Even though a professional golfer my experience fatigue and even blisters on his hands from practicing, he understands that it is required if he is going to get better. Sometimes we must endure the discipline of God so we can get better.

Challenge: God sometimes allows difficulties to come your way to test you or to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes you may see it as a failure but God can see the end and knows that the failure or problem you experience will eventually help you be a better person. Pray that you learn from your difficulties and that you trust God even in the bad times of life, knowing that He knows what is best for you.

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