Eat, Drink, and Enjoy Your Work

There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and enjoy his work. I have seen that even this is from God’s hand, because who can eat and who can enjoy life apart from Him? Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 HCSB

I have heard the slogan, “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.” The world seems to teach that people should pursue more money so they can have more possessions, food, and drink. Everyone seems to want a new car, new house, new job, a promotion, or recognition.

Solomon does not use the term “eat, drink, and be merry” but “eat, drink, and enjoy his work”. Work should not be drudgery. One should enjoy the work he is doing. God has gifted everyone with talents, abilities, and interests so he or she can use them in a way to serve others. In Genesis we find that God created Adam and put him in the Garden to “work it”. Some believe that work was a punishment for sin, but God gave work to Adam before he sinned. Work is a privilege and a gift from God.

Challenge: Solomon was not indicating that eating, drinking, and working are the main purposes of life, but that we cannot enjoy life apart from God. Thank God for your job and look for ways you can use your job to bring glory to Him.

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