Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Although a sinner commits crime a hundred times and prolongs his life, yet I also know that it will go well with God-fearing people, for they are reverent before Him. Ecclesiastes 8:12 HCSB

Throughout my life I have observed godly people who seem to have one trouble after another, and I have also observed wicked people who seem to have many blessings. It seems that life is not fair. At times I have even questioned God’s sovereignty and asked why there seems to be a lack of justice in our world.

Solomon had observed the same injustice in his time. No one has all the answers to why things happen the way they do. Injustice is not the final outcome. Ultimately God is in control and will bring justice in every situation in His time. We must trust God, the One who has all the answers to life’s questions. God is working to bring good in every situation, even though we may not understand it.

Challenge: Trust God even when you do not understand. When you observe the injustices of the wicked being blessed and the godly suffering, tell God that you don’t understand but that you trust Him to bring good out of every situation. You may never fully understand the ways of God, but you can trust Him because He loves you and would not allow more on you than you can handle. Ask Him to use the difficulties you are experiencing to bring honor and glory to Him.

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