Now many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of what the woman said when she testified, “He told me everything I ever did.” John 4:39 HCSB

I can remember when each of my four children were born. We were so very excited we wanted to tell everyone the good news. First to know were our parents, then grandparents, then other family members. Following came close friends and work associates. Finally, other acquaintances and friends were contacted. We wanted to share our exciting news with everyone.

The woman that Jesus encountered at the well outside of Sycar had good news to share. She went into the town and testified or told others about Jesus. The woman told everyone who would listen about how Jesus had revealed everything she had ever done. She wanted others to know that she had discovered the Messiah. As a result of her testimony many believed in Jesus.

Challenge: When you first accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior you were probably excited and told others about what had happened in your life. Do you still have that same excitement and urgency to tell others about Jesus? Are there family members and friends that need to know how Jesus has changed your life and how He can make a difference in their lives? Ask God to give you opportunities to testify about the Good News of Jesus Christ this week.

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