Signs and Wonders

Jesus told him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” John 4:48 HCSB

I have observed the illusions of David Copperfield. He amazes and dazzles his audience with elaborate illusions. I watched on television as he supposedly made the Statue of Liberty or a large plane disappear. We know such a feat is impossible, but an illusionist can make one think he is seeing something that is not real. We all like to see the amazing and spectacular.

Jesus had already been in Galilee and had performed many miracles of healing. The royal official may have seen Jesus heal or had at least heard of His ability to heal the sick. He came to Jesus seeking a miracle for his son. Jesus, seemingly frustrated with the people, responded to the royal official’s request with a statement that the people would only believe if He performed miracles. Contrast this to the Samaritan people who believed because of what they heard instead of what they saw that Jesus could do.

Throughout the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament, we find “signs and wonders”. A “sign” usually refers to divine actions and points people to God, whereas, a “wonder” usually describes God’s supernatural power. It usually causes one to marvel at God’s power and ability.

Challenge: Unlike David Copperfield, Jesus’ miracles of healing were not illusions; they were real and actually happened. The people of Galilee wanted to see more signs and wonders before they would believe. Jesus desires that we have faith and believe because of what He did on the cross rather than because of His signs and wonders.

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