Where are You From?

As He was teaching in the temple complex, Jesus cried out, “You know Me and you know where I am from. Yet I have not come on My own, but the One who sent Me is true. You don’t know Him; I know Him because I am from Him, and He sent Me.” John 7: 28-29 HCSB

My son, Nathan, has an interest in our family genealogy. He has researched and discovered that the Moore family ancestors actually originated in middle Tennessee. My great- grandfather graduated from Vanderbilt University and was a medical doctor. Nathan has interviewed his grandmother and grandfather to discover information about our family history. He has explored census records and old newspapers to research our family members. It is interesting to hear some of the history he has discovered.

Jesus had an earthly genealogy that is recorded in book of Matthew but this Scripture tells us that Jesus was sent from God. His heavenly genealogy verifies Jesus is the Son of God. God sent Him to earth to live a perfect life and show us how to live in a way that will bring honor and glory to His heavenly father. God also sent Him to die on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world so anyone who believes in Him can receive mercy and forgiveness.

Challenge: You can not change your genealogy, but you can change the spiritual legacy that you leave for your children and family. What type of legacy are you leaving?

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