Children of Light

Jesus answered, The light will be with you only a little longer. Walk while you have the light so that darkness doesn’t overtake you. The one who walks in darkness doesn’t know where he’s going. While you have the light, believe in the light so that you may become sons of light.” Jesus said this, then went away and hid from them. John 12:35-36 HCSB

As a former student pastor, I have observed two teenagers who have been brought up in the same home with the same standards and with loving parents who have tried to take them to church and teach them what is right and wrong by God’s standards. Yet, one child will seemingly be compliant and can do no wrong, makes good grades in school, goes on mission trips, gets along easily with others, and has a pleasant personality while the other child seemingly can do nothing right. He is frequently in trouble at school, makes poor grades, rebels against his parents, makes poor life choices, and runs with the wrong crowd. We all want our children to grow up to make us proud.

Jesus challenges us in these verses to be children of light. There is a recurring theme of light and darkness throughout the book of John (see John 1:4-5; 8-9; 8:12; 9:34-41). Jesus is the illuminator, or the light of the world. He is calling us to follow Him. He will show us the way so that the darkness does not overtake us. When we get away from the light (Jesus) we can stumble and fall. When we walk in the light (Jesus), we can become children of light and show the way for others.

Challenge: How bright is your light shining? How closely are you walking in the light of Jesus Christ? Are you a child that Jesus is proud of? Let your light shine before men, so they will see Jesus. What can you do today to light the way for someone else?

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