Gone Fishing

I’m going fishing,” Simon Peter said to them. “We’re coming with you,” they told him. They went out and got into the boat, but that night they caught nothing. John 21:3 HCSB

As a ten year old, I can remember fishing at Yellowstone National Park with my dad while on vacation. We were fishing on a narrow peninsula and my father had made his way on down the peninsula. The bobber on my line went under and I pulled back on my fishing pole. I felt the pull of the fish and began to reel him in and started backing up. I keep backing up and reeling in the fish when I actually stepped into the water on the other side of the peninsula. It was a big fish, flopping around on the shore as I pulled it in. I excitingly ran down the peninsula with the fish in my hands, wanting my father to see what I had caught. Later that evening we had fish for dinner.

Peter seemed to be impatient and decided to return to what he knew how to do best – fishing. Perhaps Peter was uncertain about what to do next and needed to do something to relieve the tension of the moment. Peter was a leader and the other disciples immediately followed him and went fishing. Many of the disciples were professional fishermen, yet they fished all night and did not catch anything.

Challenge: What do you do when you feel pressure and wonder what you should do next? Go to Jesus. He can show you where to go and help you have success in whatever you do. Remember that others are watching you and will follow your lead. Be careful what you say and do.

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