Give to the Poor

The one who gives to the poor will not be in need, but one who turns his eyes away will receive many curses. Proverbs 28:27 HCSB

I have shared this story before in a devotional, but it bears sharing again. Our family had gone on a mission trip/vacation to New York City. As a family we were walking down the crowded sidewalk. There were several people sitting on the sidewalk begging for money. I tried not to make eye contact with them and kept on walking. Turning around to make sure all my children were safe and coming along, I found my oldest daughter, Bethany, stopping at each person and putting a little change out of her own money in each person’s cup or hat who was begging. Bethany has always had a compassionate heart and has always been willing to go without so she could help others. I learned a valuable lesson from my daughter that day.

This Proverb encourages us to give to the poor and not turn our eyes away. Those who turn their eyes away are intentionally ignoring the needs of the poor. We need to be willing to share our resources and help others who are in need, trusting God to take care of our needs. This verse is not encouraging us to give away everything we have, but rather to be willing to give away what we do not need so that others may have what they need. If God has richly blessed us with resources, we should be willing to share with others.

Challenge: Look around your house and in your garage. I am sure you are like me and have a lot of “stuff” that you do not need. Are there people around you who are in need? Could you meet their needs with some of the resources you have? Give to the poor and trust God to provide for your needs.

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