Closer Than a Brother

A man with many friends may be harmed, but there is a friend who stays closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24 HCSB

Being an only child, I did not have the privilege of having any brothers or sisters. I learned how to play by myself and I think I grew up a bit faster because I grew up in a more adult world, surrounded by adults. At times I have wished for a brother or sister, especially to share the good times, but also to share difficult times when only a brother or sister could really understand how I might be feeling. I never served in the military but have been told that a soldier depends on his fellows soldiers much like brothers and sisters depend upon each other.

Having a lot of friends is not always desirable. Many friends desert you when difficult times come, but a loyal friend will stick with you through the good and the bad of life. A loyal friend is someone in whom you can trust and find comfort, peace, and blessings. He is someone you seek for counsel in times of trouble. A good, loyal friend will be just like a brother that you can depend on even when times become difficult.

Challenge: Look around and count your blessings. Thank God for loyal friends who have stuck with you through the ups and downs in life. Praise God for your brothers and sisters. Look for ways you can be a loyal friend to others.

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