How I Hated Discipline

At the end of life, you will lament when your physical body has been consumed, and you will say, “How I hated discipline, and how my heart despised correction. I didn’t obey my teachers or listen closely to my mentors. I am on the verge of complete ruin before the entire community.” Proverbs 5:11-13 HCSB

Even though I am blessed with four wonderful children, many times I had to discipline them when they were younger. They never liked the discipline, but I did it because I knew what was best for them. I knew it would help them to become mature adults who contributed to society. They each learned from the discipline, and it made them better people.

Too often we do not ask for advice and rebel against any discipline that comes our way. We tend to want satisfaction instead of advice. The best advice to defeat temptation is to make a decision about whatever the temptation is before the temptation comes our way. Comedian Dennis Swanberg says that as a youth pastor he would tell the teens that they needed to make a decision about what they were going to do on a date before they ever went on the date. He said, “Either make plans or your glands will decide for you.” One should not wait until he is faced with temptation to decide what he is going to do. Have a plan and avoid even putting yourself in a tempting situation.

Challenge: Be willing to accept discipline and correction. It will help you follow God’s plan instead of Satan’s plan. Create a plan regarding how you will handle tempting situations.

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