Watch Out!

Catch the foxes for us – the little foxes that ruin the vineyards – for our vineyards are in bloom. Song of Songs 2:15 HCSB

The devil is in the business of destroying marriages. One of His greatest delights is watching people destroy their lives and families through divorce. There are countless temptations in today’s world that can destroy a marriage. Factors such as infidelity, pornography, materialism, financial strain, loss of job, in-laws, and even different religions can have a negative influence upon a marriage relationship. It seems that wedding vows are no longer taken seriously. We have somehow lost the everlasting promise of “until death parts us”.

The foxes are symbolic of the many kinds of problems that can disturb or destroy a relationship. Marriage is a partnership to which a man and woman must be committed and willing to make work. The old adage that portrays a couple getting married and living happily ever after is seldom true. A marriage requires hard work and commitment to be successful and long-lasting. A couple must not ignore the foxes; rather they should determine to acknowledge problems as they arise and discern how to manage each one to seek resolution.

Challenge: Watch out for the “foxes”. The devil wants to destroy your marriage, your life, and your family if he can. Don’t let him. Stand strong and ask the Lord to protect you and your marriage from the evil one. Pray that God would strengthen the marriages of couples you know.

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