“They were scattered for lack of a shepherd, they became food for all the wild animals when they were scattered. My flock went astray on all the mountains and every high hill. They were scattered over the whole face of the earth, and there was no one searching or seeking for them.” Ezekiel 34:4 HCSB

We once had a family pet cocker spaniel named Josephine who was a great companion for our children and even went with us on vacations. One time she actually followed our daughter to school and we had to go pick her up from school. She would allow our children to dress her up and often allowed them to add glasses or a hat for a picture pose. We had rescued her from a life of wandering and seeking to find food. She had no other options and needed someone to rescue her.

The people of Israel had hit rock bottom. They had been defeated and many had been taken into captivity and lived as slaves for the Babylonian people. Just as God rescued His people from certain destruction of the flood, He has promised to never destroy the earth with a flood again. Only God could rescue them and put them on the right path to have a full and meaningful life.

Challenge: Thank God for rescuing you from a life of certain despair and anxiety and giving you the promise of an abundant life with Him. Pray for God’s guidance if you are called by Him to help rescue someone from destruction and despair and offer him a spiritual reason for living.

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