The Eastern Gate

The glory of the Lord entered the temple by way of the gate that faced east. Then the spirit lifted me up and brought me in the inner court, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. Ezekiel 43:4-5 HCSB

When I had the privilege of traveling to Israel, I observed the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem. It is believed that the Eastern Gate was closed in 1541 by Sulueiman the Magnificent and filled with bricks to prevent the Messiah from entering Jerusalem. Several times there have been attempts to re-open it, but it still remains closed. This is the only entrance into Jerusalem that also gives entrance into the Temple Mount. It is believed that the Eastern Gate was used for certain rituals and many people would enter into the temple through the Eastern Gate. The Eastern Gate is the gate that Jesus used to enter Jerusalem. Jewish tradition says that the coming Messiah will come through the Eastern Gate. Although Jesus fulfilled the prophesy, many did not recognize Him then as the Messiah and many today still do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah who was promised by God. Some believe that when Christ returns, the Eastern Gate will be opened again and it is at this location He will
enter Jerusalem. It is therefore fitting that it is also known as the Beautiful Gate or the Gate of Eternal Life.

Ezekiel was given the privilege to see the Eastern Gate in a vision. His vision was much like Isaiah’s vision (see Isaiah 6:4). It is also similar to the inaugural celebration of the tabernacle or temple as found in 1 Kings 8:11. He saw the glory of the Lord enter the temple by way of the Eastern Gate. Many believe that Ezekiel’s vision was a prophesy of the coming of Jesus, the Messiah, who years later entered through the Eastern Gate.

Challenge: Believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah and that He fulfilled prophesy by entering Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate. Thank God that Jesus came and paid the price for your sins on the cross and that He will someday return and will enter Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate.

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