At that moment the fingers of a man’s hand appeared and began writing on the plaster of the king’s palace wall next to the lampstand. As the king watched the hand that was writing, his face turned pale, and his thoughts so terrified him that his hip joints shook and his knees knocked together. Daniel 5:5-6 HCSB

I was once in New York City on a mission trip and took the subway out of downtown to meet Debbie and the children so they would not have to drive in the traffic. Debbie had gotten lost and was not there when I got off of the subway. I was standing alone in Harlem in an area that was totally unfamiliar to me. I was afraid and felt some concern for my personal safety.

When King Belshazzar saw the hand writing on the wall, he became terrified to the point that his body was shaking. It sounds like a scene from a horror movie. Imagine the powerful king of Babylon shaking with fear. I am sure he was not the only one who was afraid. All of his guests watched the hand write on the wall. God used the hand as a way to confront the king with his sinful behavior. God is patient but eventually He will confront man’s sins, often in ways that are unexpected.

Challenge: As believers, the Holy Spirit resides within each of us to convict us and confront us with our wrongdoings. All have sinned and should be terrified of God’s condemnation. It is only through Jesus Christ that we find grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Pray for forgiveness of your sins and ask God to guide and direct you so you will not fall into temptation. Thank Him for His mercy and grace.

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