Eyewitness Account

It was first spoken by the Lord and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him. Hebrews 2:3b HCSB

One of the television stations where I used to live referred to their newscast as “Eyewitness News”. The implication was that those reporting the news were interviewing people who had actually been witnesses to the events they were reporting . It is always better to have an eyewitness account rather than a report from someone who heard about the event second hand. The eyewitness account should be more accurate than a second hand report.

Those to whom the book of Hebrews was written were second generation believers. The message and teachings of Jesus Christ had been passed down through word of mouth and now it was being passed down through the written words of the letter written to the Hebrews, which is now known as the book of Hebrews. In John 20:29, Jesus encouraged those who believed without seeing.

Challenge: You have not personally seen Jesus and heard Him teach, but you rely on others who have passed the Gospel message down over the years. Do not neglect your responsibility to pass down the Gospel message to your children and grandchildren. Their salvation is dependent upon those in their realm of influence to pass down the Good News of the “Great Salvation” of Jesus Christ.

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