What Has God Called You to Do?

For every high priest taken from men is appointed in service to God for the people, to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins. Hebrews 5:1 HCSB

During my college years I struggled to know what God’s will was for my life. I changed my major every year seeking to find the right place and occupation for me. I majored in history, pre-med., and finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences. It was at a family enrichment retreat with my parents in Colorado that I felt God calling me into ministry. I wanted to work with teenagers in the church. When I was ordained to the Gospel ministry, I felt as though I had been “appointed” to work with teens and their families. I then devoted 24 years working in the youth ministry area before making the shift to education and administration.

Jesus was “appointed” by God to come to the earth to be the ultimate high priest and offer Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all of the people of the world. It is only through Him that we can find mercy and forgiveness of our sins.

Challenge: Accept God’s gift of His Son who came to earth to make a way for your sins to be forgiven and for you to receive eternal life. Praise Him for His great love and forgiveness. What has God called you to do?

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