Now many have become Levitical priests, since they are prevented by death from remaining in office. But because He remains forever, He holds His priesthood permanently. Hebrews 7:23-24 HCSB

I have recently shopped at a salvage grocery story that sells items that have expired or have sustained damage to the packaging. When shopping there I always check the expiration date because I prefer to purchase items that have not yet expired. The expiration date is stamped on products as a way of helping consumers to purchase items that are fresh. Recently I took some crackers out of the pantry and could tell after one bite they did not taste good. Upon checking the expiration date, I found the date had expired several months prior. Being useless, I proceeded to throw the box of crackers in the trash.

We all want something that is useful and not expired. In this Scripture, the way of atoning for the sins of the people through Levitical priests had expired. It was no longer the method to insure forgiveness and being right standing with God. Jesus had become the permanent replacement. It is only through Jesus that our sins can be forgiven. He alone is our high priest. Jesus will live forever and will eternally intercede for us before His Heavenly Father.

Challenge: Thank God that Jesus is your high priest who will forever, permanently intercede for you.

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