Be Merciful

For I will be merciful to their wrongdoing, and I will never again remember their sins. Hebrews 8:12 HCSB

It is a challenge for me to forgive and be merciful toward someone who has hurt me or my family in some way. Our human nature tempts us to seek revenge and hurt a person the way he or she has hurt others. We sometimes rejoice when the wrongdoer seemingly gets what he or she deserves, but that is not God’s way. God has been merciful toward us and wants us to be merciful toward others. We have all hurt God deeply by not obeying, thus rebelling against Him and His love. Yet, He is merciful and sent His Son to die on the cross so our sins could be forgiven and we could have a relationship with Him. He is gracious and forgives us over and over again.

This verse in Hebrews reflects God’s merciful nature. The Greek word used for merciful means to help those in need. We all are in need of forgiveness. Mercy indicates that we really do not deserve forgiveness, love, and compassion, but God is merciful and forgives our sins. Additionally, this verse reminds us that God does not remember our sins. They are never brought up again. He never says, “Remember when you did …”. We may remember what we did, but it is comforting to know that God forgives and forgets.

Challenge: Thank God for His mercy. Pray that you will be merciful toward those who have hurt you in some way. Read Romans 11:30-32 and Ephesians 2:4-5 for more information on the mercy of God toward sinners. Listen to the song “Who Am I?” by Casting Crowns on YouTube at (

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