Stepping Over the Line

Therefore, He is the mediator of a New Covenant, so that those who are called might receive the promise of the eternal inheritance, because a death has taken place for redemption from the transgressions committed under the first covenant. Hebrews 9:15 HCSB

Adam and Eve disobeyed a directive from God not to eat of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. They stepped over the line and violated God’s plan. In so doing, they willfully refused to do God’s will. There are many times we all willfully step over the line and do something that is against God’s plan for our lives.

The Greek term “redemption” has the connotation of “liberation” or “to be set free”. The Greek term “transgressions” means “violations”. Those who believe in Jesus Christ have been set free from transgressions. Under the law the people were constantly in violation of breaking the rules and continually needed to bring offerings to be sacrificed. Christ’s death on the cross made it possible for people to be redeemed from sins’ power and eternal consequences.

Challenge: Have you stepped over the line? Have you willfully disobeyed God? Thank Him that through His Son, Jesus Christ, the price has been paid for your transgressions and He has set you free. You now have the promise of forgiveness and an eternal inheritance.

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