Facing Fear With Courage

Esther spoke to Hathach and commanded him to tell Mordecai, “All the royal officials and the people of the royal provinces know that one law applies to every man or woman who approaches the king in the inner courtyard and who has not been summoned – the death penalty. Only if the king extends the gold scepter will that person live. I have not been summoned to appear before the king for the last 30 days.” Esther 4:10-11 HCSB

In the past to help youth understand various church-related leadership roles, churches would honor the youth during an annual Youth Sunday and encourage them to assume all positions of leadership. When I was 14 years old, I served as the youth pastor on Youth Sunday. Another teen served as the Minister of Music, and others served as Sunday School teachers. When I stood up to preach that morning, I was afraid I would not do a job of excellence and embarrass myself and my parents. Despite my fear, by God’s grace I was able to stand and deliver the message God had given to me.

Esther was afraid (4:4). Her response to Mordecai’s request would have been, “Do you realize what you’re asking me to do?” Nobody knew that Esther was a Jew and she could have easily kept her secret. She was in a safe environment with many luxuries. Why would she have wanted to put her life on the line for her people? Mordecai encouraged her to be strong and have faith that God would protect her. God has provided protection and boldness to others who faced difficult situations (Joshua, David, and Paul just to name a few).

Challenge: If you yield to fear, you are communicating that God is not strong enough to take care of you. Our actions often speak louder than our words and impact others and the body of Christ. When facing difficult situations, trust God. He will not abandon you.

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