Fasting and Praying

Esther sent this reply to Mordecai: “Go and assemble all the Jews who can be found in Susa and fast for me. Don’t eat or drink for three days, day or night. I and my female servants will also fast in the same way. After that, I will go to the king even if it is against the law. If I perish, I perish.” Esther 4:15-16 HCSB

Our pastor called for the people to pray and fast for three days before we made a decision as a church to relocate. There had been a lot of discussion and there seemed to be people in favor of relocating while others were opposed, even though we needed more space to continue to grow. After three days of praying and fasting a large crowd gathered on Wednesday night to vote on the proposed relocation. We were unsure of what the outcome of the vote would be. During the discussion time, one older lady stood up and said that this church had always been her church and her children had been baptized and married in the church, but if relocating was going to help us reach more people for Jesus Christ, then we needed to relocate. The church voted unanimously to relocate. We were surprised but we knew God was in control.

Esther asked the people to fast and pray to seek God’s direction and wisdom before she approached the king. She understood the power of prayer and seeking God when making difficult decisions. Fasting is a time to help focus and pray for a specific need. God honored the fasting and prayers of the people. Esther realized she must do what was right, even if it meant she would die.

Challenge: Spend time fasting (if physically able to fast) and praying when you face a difficult situation or decision. It will help you focus on discovering God’s will and direction.

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