Are You Willing to Ask For Help?

I also said to the king: “If it pleases the king, let me have letters written to the governors of the region west of the Euphrates River, so that they will grant me safe passage until I reach Judah. And let me have a letter written to Asaph, keeper of the king’s forest, so that he will give me timber to rebuild the gates of the temple’s fortress, the city wall, and the home where I will live.” The king granted my requests, for I was graciously strengthened by my God. Nehemiah 2:7-8 HCSB

I pushed on the brake pedal and all I heard was a grinding noise. That meant that my brakes needed to be replaced. There is a minister with whom I work that is a gifted mechanic so I asked if he could help me replace the brakes. A few days later I was at his house replacing the brakes on my truck. We had a good time working together and I saved some money by doing it myself.

Just as I went to someone who could help me, Nehemiah went to the person who could help him. He was not afraid to ask the king for letters to give them safe travel but also to secure wood to help rebuild the walls and even to build a home for himself. Some would think that Nehemiah was a bit presumptuous asking the king for additional help. Sometimes when we have a need, we hesitate to ask for help. Either our pride keeps us from asking or we are afraid of the response we may receive. Nehemiah was not afraid to ask for help, and he sought the person who had the resources and power to actually assist him. God used the king to answer Nehemiah’s prayer.

Challenge: Do not be reluctant to ask for help from those who have the ability to help. This may be God’s way of using and blessing them so that He can bring a blessing to you. God often uses others to answer the prayers of His children.

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