Overcoming Impossible Odds

The wall was completed in 52 days, on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul. Nehemiah 6:15 HCSB

I found this story on the internet: Jackie was following her dreams of working and living in Egypt when she decided to take a weekend trip to Athens, Greece. Things took a deadly turn on her flight home when the plane she was on was hijacked and Jackie was shot at point-blank range and thrown on the tarmac to die. Although she lay on the tarmac for five hours before anyone found her, Jackie said she felt at peace because she felt like God was telling her that she was going to be okay. Jackie did in fact survive—though she was left with impaired vision and a loss of short-term memory. This is just one of many stories of how people have overcome obstacles and accomplished great feats.

Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem could be added to the list of amazing accounts. Many people said it could not be done. The job was too big and there were too many challenges to overcome. But when God’s people came together under the leadership of Nehemiah, they solved huge problems and accomplished great goals. Even by today’s standards with state of the art equipment, it would be a monumental task to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days.

Challenge: Do not let the size of the task, the length of time required to accomplish it, or the number of obstacles that must be overcome keep you from accomplishing what God has called you to do. Keep going and focus on the end goal. With God’s help you can accomplish great things!

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