Our God is An Awesome God

So now, our God – the great, mighty, and awe-inspiring God who keeps His gracious covenant – do not view lightly all the hardships that have afflicted us, our kings and leaders, our priests and prophets, our ancestors and all Your people, from the days of the Assyrian kings until today. Nehemiah 9:32 HCSB

I enjoy photography as a hobby. While in college I worked in the camera department of a store at which time my father and I had a photographic dark room in our basement where we developed black and white pictures and color slides. Today, I especially enjoy taking landscape pictures. Some of my favorite pictures are of sunrises and sunsets. I have been watching the Farmers Insurance Open Golf Tournament on television that is being played on the Torrey Pines Golf Course in California. Some of the pictures of the golf course along the cliffs that overlook the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean are awe-inspiring. Only an awesome God could create such beauty.

Nehemiah describes God as great, mighty, and awe-inspiring. The word “awe-inspiring” can be translated as “awesome”, “reverenced”, or “to be feared”. Our God is an awesome God. Rich Mullins wrote and recorded a song entitled “Awesome God” in 1988 that rose to the number one spot on Christian radio and subsequently became a popular congregational song. This song was inspired by Nehemiah 9:32.

Challenge: Make a list of the many reasons that our God is an awesome God. Just imagine what it will be like when you stand before God in heaven – certainly it will be an awe-inspiring sight. Thank God for His magnificence. Listen to the song “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJL_bChiTI0

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