Making The Right Choice

When they were in their kingdom, with Your abundant goodness that You gave them, and in the spacious and fertile land You set before them, they would not serve You or turn from their wicked ways. Nehemiah 9:35 HCSB

Life is filled with choices. Some choices will bring wealth while others will bring poverty. Some choices will bring gladness and happiness while others will only bring sadness and regret. We can choose to obey God and receive blessings or reject God and His principles and receive our just punishment. It is always easier to reflect back and see how one would change his behavior and make different choices to receive blessings instead of obstacles. Personally, I have made several good choices in my life such as choosing Debbie to be my wife, but I regret to say that I have made many poor choices and wish I could turn back the hands of time so I could make better choices.

This verse in Nehemiah reminds us that God loves us and has richly blessed us in spite of our wickedness. He blesses us even when we choose to rebel and sin. The Israelites made the wrong choice to reject God and to continue in their wicked ways. Yet, God continued to love them and brought them back from exile to the promised land. Sometimes we too know we are sinning but choose to continue to sin and do not turn from our evil ways. God still loves us and desires to bless us, but too often our poor choices lead to poor consequences.

Challenge: What choices do you have to make today? Honor God by making a good choice. Ask God to give you the strength and wisdom to make the right choice when you are faced with making a decision.

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