Declaration of Dependence

The rest of the people – the priests, Levites, gatekeepers, singers, and temple servants, along with their wives, sons, and daughters, everyone who is able to understand and who has separated themselves from the surrounding peoples to obey the law of God – join with their noble brothers and commit themselves with a sworn oath to follow the law of God given through God’s servant Moses and to carefully obey all the commands, ordinances, and statutes of Yahweh our Lord. Nehemiah 10:28-29 HCSB

In 1776 some brave patriots who were willing to die for their freedom signed the Declaration of Independence. These pioneers changed the course of history. This is just one example of times in history in which people have taken a stand and made a commitment to principles of conviction. Today, our military servants take an oath to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy. Many have given their lives so we might live in a country where we can freely worship God and pursue our own dreams and direction in life.

The Israelites made a “Declaration of Dependence” rather than independence. They were making a commitment to keep themselves separate from the world and to follow God’s laws, commands, and statutes. They were declaring that they were completely dependent upon God to protect and to provide for their needs.

Challenge: Have you made the same “Declaration of Dependence” on God? It is only through having a right relationship with Jesus Christ and depending on Him to forgive you and give you eternal life that you can be made right with God who loves and cares for you more than you can imagine. Declare your dependence on God to save you from your sins and provide for your needs.

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