Taking Advantage of Others

There was a widespread outcry from the people and their wives against their Jewish countrymen. Nehemiah 5:1

One age old adage declares that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Frequently the rich get richer by taking advantage of the poor. Typically, the poor need something that the rich have. Credit card companies serve as an example. The poor lack the money to purchase something, so they purchase it on credit. Credit card companies will often entice a purchaser by giving him a low beginning interest rate that increases over time. The purchaser is able to pay only the minimum payment which is mostly interest, and the credit card company keeps him in debt, thus taking advantage of his fragile financial situation.

This is exactly what was happening in Nehemiah’s time. Some of the Jewish people had become very wealthy and they were taking advantage of their poorer fellow countrymen. These people where having to sell their land and even relinquish their children into slavery so they could pay the interest and taxes they owed. The rich got richer by taking advantage of the situation. The people were crying out to Nehemiah because of this injustice.

Challenge: Never take advantage of others. Treat others as Christ would treat them. Pray that God would show you what you can do to help those who are poor and in need in your community.

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