Sun and moon stand still in their lofty residence, at the flash of Your flying arrows, at the brightness of Your shining spear. You march across the earth with indignation. You trample down the nations in wrath. You come out to save Your people, to save Your anointed. You crush the leader of the house of the wicked and strip him from foot to neck. Habakkuk 3:11-13 HCSB

According to the word “indignation” means to have great displeasure at something considered to be unjust, offensive, insulting, or base; righteous anger. Miriam-Webster defines indignation as anger caused by something that is unfair or wrong.

In these verses, Habakkuk celebrated God’s victory over sin. We usually consider anger to be a negative trait, but in these verses we see that God was angry toward the injustice in the world. God will save His people from wickedness and evil.

Challenge: It is acceptable for you to feel anger toward the injustice and evil in our world. Do you reach out and try to help those who are oppressed by evil? Psalm 103 declares that the Lord executes righteousness to those who are oppressed. Praise God that He has already won the victory over sin and wickedness through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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