Never Enough

You have planted much but harvested little. You eat but never have enough to be satisfied. You drink but never have enough to become drunk. You put on clothes but never have enough to get warm. The wage earner puts his wages into a bag with a hole in it. Haggai 1:6 HCSB

Does it seem that there is always more month than there is money? Too often many people reach the end of the month without enough money to pay all of the bills and buy groceries. It is a never ending cycle in our country which perpetuates the adage that the more we earn the more we spend.

The Word of the Lord through the prophet Haggai was a message to the people from God. His Word proclaimed that the people never seemed to have enough food or drink to be satisfied. The people had clothes but not enough to actually keep them warm. We may often feel like the wage earner described in this verse: There never seems to be enough; the more we earn the more we need. We sometimes feel that there is a hole in our purse and wonder where all the money went. There always seems to be a place for everything we earn.

Challenge: Are you satisfied with what you have? Does there seem to never be enough? When you fail to put God first place in your life you can expect to have challenges. Your labors will not be as fruitful. God wants to guide you and direct your path, if you will only let Him. Read Deuteronomy 28:36-45. Put God first place in your life and seek His wisdom and guidance in everything you do. Ask Him to bless your efforts so you do not labor in vain.

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