Holy Spirit is With You

“This is the promise I made to you when you came out of Egypt, and My Spirit is present among you; don’t be afraid.” Haggai 2:5 HCSB

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come and dwell within those who believed and accepted Him as Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit would be a constant companion, there to convict us of our sins and lead us in the paths of righteousness. There have been several times in my life when I have felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to do something or to avoid a tempting situation. Just recently I have felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to contact a former pastor to tell him how much he has impacted my life.

The Israelites had been led from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. They had been guided by the Holy Spirit. God had provided for their every need. Even though God did punish them for their sins, He kept His promise to never leave them.

Challenge: Since the Holy Spirit of the living God lives within us as believers, we know that God will always direct us and guide us in the direction we should go. No matter what we face in this life or how frustrating things become, we can face the future without any fear because we know that God’s Spirit is with us. Read Exodus 29:45-46. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your paths. Thank God for His Holy Spirit.

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