Seeing Clearly

The revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave Him to show His slaves what must quickly take place. He sent it and signified it through His angel to His slave John, who testified to God’s word and to the testimony about Jesus Christ, in all he saw. Revelation 1:1-2 HCSB

I was fortunate that I did not have to wear glasses until I was about 40 years old. I went from wearing no glasses to wearing bifocals. Even now I can still see fairly well without my glasses, but my glasses help clear everything up. I especially need them when I am reading small print.

The word for “revelation” is the Greek word “apokalypsis,” the derivative of our English word “apocalypse” which means to reveal, to make known, or to unveil something that was formerly hidden. Just as my glasses help me see more clearly, the book of Revelation was given to unveil and reveal Jesus Christ’s full identity, God’s plan for His return, and His victory over evil so the Christians in the early church could be encouraged. The Christians at the time of the apostle John’s writing would have been under extreme persecution from Emperor Domitian. The early church needed to clearly see for whom they were suffering and understand there was hope for the future.

Challenge: If you live your life for Jesus you may face persecution just as those in the early church. A clear vision of Jesus and His will for your life will help you face difficult times. John’s message can be an encouragement to you as you deal with persecution and trials.

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