Morning Star

The one who is victorious and keeps My works to the end, I will give him authority over the nations – and he will shepherd them with an iron scepter, he will shatter them like pottery – just as I have received this from My Father. I will also give him the morning star. Revelation 2:26-28 HCSB

I am not an early riser. As a former student minister I am accustomed to staying up late and eating pizza. Recently on vacation I rose early and took a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful to see the many different blues, pinks, and orange colors in the sky as the sun rose over the horizon. Right before dawn is usually the darkest and coldest time. That is when the morning star shines bright in the sky to show the way and bring light to a dark world.

In the same fashion, this world will be at its darkest and coldest hour when Jesus decides to return. Christ is called the morning star in Revelation 22:16. On that glorious day, the brightness of Christ will invade a very dark world. He will expose the darkness of sin. The light of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness will dispel all darkness.

Challenge: As believers, we have Christ dwelling within us. We are the “morning star” to bring His light to a very dark world. His light should shine forth in our lives to light the way for others. His light will expose the evil of our world and will help us to stand for what is right and good. Listen to Steve Green sing “Morning Star” on YouTube at

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