No shrub of the field had yet grown on the land, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not made it rain on the land, and there was no man to work the ground. But water would come out of the ground and water the entire surface of the land. Genesis 2:5-6 HCSB

I have heard it said that a weatherman has the only job were he can be wrong 50% of the time and still keep his job. A person can predict the weather, but no one can be absolutely sure of the weather forecast. A common adage is that if you do not like the weather, just wait and it will change. It seems rain can be either feast or famine. At times we get several days of rain and wish it would stop. At other times it is so dry we need rain to keep our grass alive.

These verses remind us that God is in control of everything, including the weather. Note that the Scripture says that God had not made it rain and that water came from the ground to water the entire surface of the land. There are some Bible scholars who believe that it did not rain until God brought the flood waters in Noah’s time. This would explain why many of the people of Noah’s time did not believe Noah’s warnings and even ridiculed him. It also points out the faith that Noah had to have to believe God and follow His instructions to build a large boat.

Challenge: Do you have the faith of Noah to trust God even when others may ridicule you? Thank God for His wonderful creation.

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