A Complement is Given

The the Lord God said, β€œIt is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper as his complement.” Genesis 2:18 HCSB

I had the privilege of performing the marriage ceremony for my son recently. It was a beautiful wedding held outside in the beauty of God’s creation. My son’s new wife is a wonderful complement to him. They go well together. They enjoy some of the same activities and each one adores the other. We could not ask for a better mate for our son. She is a wonderful Christian young lady and is committed to serving the Lord along side of our son. Her parents and grandparents had been praying that God would bring a godly man into her life and my wife and I had been praying that God would bring a godly woman into our son’s life. God is good. He has answered our prayers beyond what we could have hoped or imagined.

From the beginning of time God knew that it was not good for man to be alone. He created the woman to be the perfect helper that would complement the man. God’s gift to man and woman of a helper was intended for their good and to honor Him. God provided everything man needed – wonderful environment, food, purpose, work, and the intimacy of a human relationship. Man and woman were created by God to be different but to complement each other.

Challenge: If you are married, thank God for the wonderful gift of your spouse. If you are not married and you desire to be married, pray for God to provide a suitable mate for you. Pray for your marriage and the marriages of your friends and family to be strong enough to resist the temptations of the devil.

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