Keeping Your Promise

The Lord came to Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what He had promised. Genesis 21:1 HCSB

Recently I renewed my contract with my television cable company. They promised a $200 gift card if I renewed. I was told I would get my gift card in the mail in 4-6 weeks. When I did not get my card I then called and was told that I qualified for the gift card and I should be receiving it in a few weeks. Again, when I did not get the card I called and was told that I needed to complete a form that I could find on the website to get my $200 gift card. When I went to the website I could not find any form to complete. I have been given the run around. I am sure they hope I will eventually give up or the next time I call I will probably be told that I had to claim my gift cards within a certain time frame and that the deadline has passed. The bottom line is that the company has not delivered on its promise.

God always delivers on His promises. He had promised Sarah that she would have a baby boy and that is exactly what the Lord did for her– even in her old age. God can be trusted to deliver on His promises.

Challenge: Notice the many promises in the Bible. God has promised forgiveness and eternal life for those who believe in His Son and accept Him as Lord and Savior. You can be assured that if you are a believer that someday you will realize that God’s Word is true and trustworthy.

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