“Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravaging wolves.” Matthew 7:15 HCSB

There is a new game called Jelly Belly Bean Boozled. There are some jelly beans that taste good mixed in with jelly beans that have nasty flavors like stinky socks, lawn clippings, rotten egg, canned dog food, and skunk spray. They all look alike so a person does not know if he is getting a delicious jelly bean like tutti-fruity, lime, peach, chocolate, or a bad-tasting one. Players spin and then have to select a jelly bean from the pile that is that color and eat it, hoping they get a good tasting one instead of a nasty tasting one.

Jesus warned His disciples to beware of false prophets who looked like innocent sheep but were really wolves. Just like the jelly beans that look delicious but in reality are not desirable, false teachers teach principles that are against God’s commands and laws. They sound religious and even claim to be delivering God’s message, but they are motivated by money, fame, or power. They minimize Christ and glorify themselves.

Challenge: There are false teachers today. Beware! They may look and sound knowledgeable. They may even be on television and radio preaching and teaching God’s Word. Always test what someone says against God’s Word. Is the person trying to bring glory and honor to Christ or are they trying to sell more products and make more money? Pray that God would give you discernment and wisdom so you do not fall into the traps of false teachers.

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