Great Faith

Hearing this, Jesus was amazed and said to those following Him, “I assure you: I have not found anyone in Israel with so great a faith! Matthew 8:10 HCSB

My two year old granddaughter was visiting our home. Her uncle was just playing with her by making some funny sounds. She did not find the sounds to be funny and came running to me and grabbed my legs because she was afraid. She had faith in me and knew I would protect her.

That is what Jesus desires of each of us – to come running to Him and have faith that He will take care of us. The centurion had faith that Jesus could heal his servant just by speaking the words. Jesus was amazed at how great a faith the centurion had.

Challenge: Would Jesus be amazed at how great a faith you have? Jesus is not talking about the quantity of faith but rather the quality of faith. Do you really believe that Jesus can take care of you? Trust Him with your life and with every situation you may be facing. Pray that your faith will increase.

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