Give Us A Sign

Then some of the scribes and Pharisees said to Him, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.” Matthew 12:38 HCSB

Next year, I plan to travel to Israel with my pastor and a group from our church. My passport has expired and I will be required to get a new passport with a new picture. The passport will be proof that I am who I say I am and that I am a citizen of the United States of America.

The scribes and Pharisees wanted a “sign” or proof that Jesus was the Messiah. It appears that they wanted Jesus to perform a miracle as a way to prove that He was the promised Messiah. They had already witnessed Jesus healing a paralytic man (Matthew 9:1-8) and the healing of the paralyzed hand of a man (Matthew 12:9-10, 14). They had already received their “sign” but they refused to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Some people seem to have the attitude, “I have made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts and truth.”

Challenge: In today’s world there are those who still ask for a sign, saying, “If God is who He says He is then He will . . . (fill the blank). We may not have seen Jesus perform miracles, but we have plenty of evidence that Jesus is who He says He is. He is the Son of God who was born of a virgin, died on the cross, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. Stop asking for a “sign” and accept what God has already given you. Believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Have faith and accept His offer of forgiveness of sin and eternal life.

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