Have You Got Your Ears On?

Anyone who has ears should listen! Matthew 13:9 HCSB

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s just about everyone was putting a CB radio in his or her car. This was before cell phones. I can remember putting one in my green Oldsmobile. The antenna was on the back and I ran the cord to the CB unit mounted under the dash. A person could talk to others on the highway as he traveled along. Each person would select a “handle” or name. My handle was “Kentucky Wonder” because I was from Kentucky and I was tall and thin like a Kentucky Wonder green bean. There was certain lingo that was used with a CB radio. One of the favorite phrases to ask was, “Do you have your ears on?” which meant, “Do you have your CB radio on and are you listening?”

Jesus told the people “Anyone who has ears should listen!” He was not talking about their physical ears with which people hear sounds; rather He was talking about a deeper type of listening that results in spiritual understanding. If one earnestly seeks God’s will and wants to know Him, he will have “spiritual hearing” to be able to listen and learn from God’s Word.

Challenge: Do you have your “spiritual ears” on? Are you listening for God’s small voice to speak to you and give you wisdom and direction? Listen to God and He will give you understanding of some of the deepest spiritual principles.

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