But these words seemed like nonsense to them, and they did not believe the women. Peter, however, got up and ran to the tomb. When he stooped to look in, he saw only the linen cloths. So he went home, amazed at what had happened. Luke 24:11-12 HCSB

I am amazed at what Jordan Spieth, professional golfer, has accomplished. He is only 22 years old and has already won two major golf tournaments and is ranked number one in the world. What he has accomplished at such a young age was exemplified when he was recently paired with an amateur who is a senior in college. They are both the same age. The amateur is hoping to someday play on the PGA tour. Jordan has only played on the tour since 2012 and has accomplished something that most professional golfers only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime of golf. It is hard to believe that such a young golfer could accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.

When the women told the apostles that Jesus was alive they did not believe them. Peter ran to the tomb to see for himself and as he looked into the empty tomb the Scriptures record that he only saw the linen cloths that Jesus’ body had been wrapped in. He was amazed at what had happened. If the body had been taken the linen cloths would have still been on the body. The linen cloths were proof that what the women had said was actually true. Jesus is alive!

Challenge: What Jesus accomplished is so much greater than what any man has ever accomplished. He died for the sins of all mankind and rose from the dead. Praise God that Jesus is alive! Praise Him for all He has done for you!

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