Therefore, brother, select from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom, whom we can appoint to this duty. Acts 6:3 HCSB

Having been in full-time ministry for 40 years, I have had to learn the skill of delegation. At times it is easier to just do the job independently rather than delegate it to someone else. At other times a job may necessitate independence. Good delegation requires selecting the right people and training them to do the job correctly. Often the more people involved in the planning process, the more people will be involved in implementing the plan. Allowing others to be involved lends ownership and provides a way for many to use their God-given talents to serve. If delegation is done correctly, the job seems easier and the task is done with a spirit of unity and excellence.

The Twelve decided to delegate the responsibility of the widows’ food distribution to other people so they could devote themselves to prayer and preaching. Note the requirements for these leaders: of good reputation (the person was known as an individual of integrity, also a requirement for an overseer – see 1 Timothy 3:7), full of the Spirit (it was obvious that the person allowed the Holy Spirit to give direction to his life), possessing wisdom (the ability to properly discern right from wrong). These are leadership skills that would be beneficial to anyone.

Challenge: Would you qualify to have been selected to serve as one of the leaders responsible for the distribution of food and money? Seek to be a person of good reputation, filled with the Holy Spirit, and wise. Delegate responsibilities and use the skills of others.

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