Are You Where God Wants You To Be?

An angel of the Lord spoke to Philip: “Get up and go south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” (This is the desert Road.) Acts 8:26 HCSB

A pastor called asking if I would consider coming to Houston, Texas to talk about serving there as Youth Minister. It did not seem like a good move for me since the church was much smaller than where I was currently serving. After politely declining his invitation, he asked if he could travel to Orlando, Florida to talk to me. I responded, “You are welcome to come, but I really do not feel led to come to Houston.” A week later he came to talk with my wife and me. We were so impressed with his humble attitude, I agreed to go to Houston and meet with key members of the church leadership. I felt God was directing me to go to Houston even though it did not seem at all logical. In less than two years God used me as His instrument to help the youth ministry group grow from practically nothing to over 20. I led a group to go on a mission trip that impacted many more lives. My time in Houston also opened the doors for me to go the First Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas as Youth
Minister where there was a youth group of over 250. Because I listened to God and went where He sent me, He allowed me to enjoy an impactful ministry to even more teens and their families. God is good!

Even though Philip was preaching to great crowds in Samaria, he was obedient to go where God sent him and was able to effectively share the Gospel message with the Ethiopian. Certainly, the influential Ethiopian leader would have returned to his own country and shared the Good News with others.

Challenge: Are you willing to be obedient to follow God’s leading, even if it takes you somewhere that does not seem logical? You never know how God will use you to minister to others. Following God’s plan will always bring good results.

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