Doing Good Works

In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha, which is translated Dorcas. She was always doing good works and acts of charity. Acts 9:36 HCSB

I have known people over the years who seem to look for ways to help others. They often go without things themselves just so they can minister to and help others. Some people just seem to have a sixth sense to pick up on conversations and other clues to know when someone has a need. There is a Christ-following family in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that faithfully expresses this type of love for others. They often give sacrificially just so they can meet a need. This family recently gave a car to another family who did not have reliable transportation to take their children to school activities, ballgames, and lessons.

Tabitha, better known as Dorcas, was known for doing acts of kindness and ministering to people in need. She was like a superhero who promptly responds to a crisis and “saves the day”. In some churches the Sunday School classes select names for their classes and often a ladies’ class will select Dorcas as the name for their class because they want to be characterized by extending kindness and acts of charity to others.

Challenge: What reputation do you have? For what are you known? Would others says you are a person who is known for doing good works and helping others who are in need? Pray that God will use you to minister to others.

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