Are You Growing?

Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and He fulfilled everything Samuel prophesied. 1 Samuel 3:19 HCSB

Today, my father-in-law celebrates his 88th birthday. Last week we celebrated my grandson’s first birthday. He has grown so much in one year, but he has so much more to grow. Hopefully, our grandson will someday celebrate his 88th birthday like his great-grandfather. Physically our bodies are designed to grow until we reach adulthood, but they continue to change over the years and mentally we continue to learn and grow. Spiritually, we all should be growing to become more like Jesus Christ. My father-in-law sets the example of what it means to follow Christ and minister to others. On his 88th birthday he is at Extreme Build with Habitat for Humanity for ten days helping to build a home for someone in need. Each week he volunteers with Habitat for Humanity three or four days a week helping to provide housing for the needy. I hope that when I am 88 I will still be going strong, growing spiritually, serving the Lord, and ministering to others like my father-in-law.

This verse tells us that Samuel grew. This meant he grew physically, but note that the next part of the verse says, “the Lord was with him”. Evidently Samuel also grew spiritually. The Lord was with him because Samuel was willing to receive and follow God’s plans and direction for His people. This type of obedience is important to growing spiritually. God blessed Samuel because of his faithfulness to follow Him.

Challenge: Are you growing spiritually? Is God with you? Are you willing to receive and follow God’s plan and direction for your life? God desires your obedience. God blesses those who are obedient and faithful. That does not mean a person will not have any problems, but God desires to bless those who willingly follow Him. Volunteer to help or give to support Habitat for Humanity.

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